Changes to the Gin line up occurred frequently. The following is my attempt to list as many of the people who can claim to have been a part of Brisbane's legendary rock band at some point in time (any input regarding corrections or additions is very welcome)

Above: Bob Brown, long time Railroad Gin member

RAILROAD GIN roll call:
Bob Brown (percussion. March? 1971-1977)
Carol Brown
(backing vocals. 1974)
Debbie Doak (drums. 1994-1997)
Jim Dickson (bass. then with Deniz Tek from 1994)
Gary Evans
(drums. March? 1973-Oct 1976)
Margie Evans
(backing vocals. 1974)
Peter Evans
(harmonica.flute.sax. Sept? 1971-1977)
Trevor Fielding
(drums. March? 1971-March? 1973
        formerly with "The Theory")
Geoffrey Fitzgibbon (lead vocals.multi-
        instrumentalist. 1970-1971)
Judee Ford (lead vocals. Oct 1975-1977
        formerly with "Paranova" and "Tramway")
John Hunter (drums. 1969-early 1970's then with "The Wake"
        and "Ash" and many others in Melbourne after that)
Dim Jansons (bass guitar. 1969-Feb 1976)
Sudz Jansons
(keyboards.percussion. 1974
        brother of bass player Dim Jansons)
Carol Lloyd (vocals. 1971-1975)
Frank Millward
(cornet.piano. 1971-19.?
        formerly with "Anthem")
Paul Murphy (vocals. March? 1971 ...formerly
        with the band "Thursday's Children")
Glen Rickwood (guitar. 1970?-June 1971)
Phil Shields
(guitar. 1969-1977)
Annie Stone
(backing vocals. 1974)
Laurie Stone
(organ.sax. 1970-Oct 1976)
Colin Wilson
(drums. Oct 1976 formerly with "Wish")
Selwyn Wright
(drums. 1970 formerly with "Parade")

Above: Carol Brown, Margaret Evans and Annie Stone the Railroad Gin backing singers

Above: Carol Lloyd caught on stage in an unusually pensive moment ..1995
(Copyright: Debra Mayes)