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I hope you have enjoyed exploring this site.
Your comments are welcome including any you might
like to make on the topics listed below.

Do we the fans need/want the following?

Compact Discs
       Railroad Gin - Carol Lloyd Band -
       Carol Lloyd 'solo work'

Souvenir merchandise
       caps, key-rings , posters, T-shirts

       History of Railroad Gin
       Carol Lloyd autobiography

Video / CD-Rom / DVD
       Documentary on the careers of
            Carol Lloyd and Railroad Gin

How about your comments on these questions

Does this site need a sell/swap column
              for Carol Lloyd, Railroad Gin
              records or memorabilia?


Does this site need a meeting point
              section for fans to exchange
              email addresses and memories?


Is there anything else you'd like to see
              included on this site?


Send your response via email to Deb at