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Here are a few more items of interest to help win bonus points at the next World Championship Music Trivia Competition


"Blue McKenzie", the C.L.B. song, appears playing on the radio in the Australian film "The Scalp" which stars John Waters.
"Blue McKenzie" is heard again on the radio of a sunbather in an episode of the Australian TV drama series "Chopper Squad"
"Storm In My Soul", the hit song by C.L.B.appeared in a series of radio adverts for 4XXX (Fourex) beer using Carol Lloyd's name as a product endorsement
Laurie Stone & Peter Moscos appeared on the ABC TV pop show "Countdown". As Moscos & Stone they sang their current single "A Song For You" in front of a live audience.

Did you know that Carol has appeared on the following TV shows?
Issy Dye Tonight
Juke Box Jury
Brisbane Beat
Face The Nation
Top Of The Bill
Rock Show
Sharon Huston's Saturday
          Morning Show
Jackie's People
        ep: Oct 11, 1977
Good Morning Brisbane
        ep: March 28, 1981
Saturday Juke Box
        ep: in 1987
as co-host with Jamie Dunn
Brisbane Extra
        ep: in 1994
Briz 31 TV - advertorials for Ideal
        Lighting (November 1994)
In Melbourne Tonight

hosted by Frankie J. Holden
Railroad Gin performed live in studio (episode aired June 09, 1997)

Above: Carol Lloyd during her re-emergence in 1991 (Copyright: Debra Mayes)

Above: Carol in 1977 at the Warwick showgrounds (Copyright: Debra Mayes)




Left: The Carol Lloyd Band making music in Maryborough, Qld (Copyright: Debra Mayes)