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Captain Captain (IS222)
Trouble In The City
Song For You
Over & Over (IS241)
Secrets (BA222735)

I Wanna Sing With The Rolling
Moscos & Stone (1979)
Memorial Drive (1980)


Life's A Carnival (?? 1977)

Laurie Stone

COLIN WILSON who took over as drummer in Railroad Gin after the departure of Gary Evans in October 1976 has most recently been working as producer and multi-instrumentalist in conjunction with his brother Paul to produce a series of relaxation music CD's with titles such as "Deep Calm", "Inner Calm Forest" and the like. These are available at most good music stores and are handled by Steve Parish Publications who, until recently, also looked after the Tony O'Connor range of relaxation CD's. Paul's thriving authoring career continues with his latest book entitled "Calm For Life"  released early 2000.

Qld Pop Awards 1977

Right: (top)
Carol Lloyd Band award winners Mark Moffatt, Peter Harvey & Gary Broadhurst with award presenter Mark Holden (2nd from right) at the Qld Pop Awards on Sunday July 10, 1977.
(below near right) Mark Moffatt making an acceptance speech for the band and further right, band manager Donald J. Morgan Lloyd searching for his list of people to thank.