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Danny Simpson

Laurie Stone

Above: Official Xmas postcard from the Carol Lloyd Band in 1976 with manager Donald J. Morgan Lloyd in central frame on fireplace.

Above: Carol Lloyd and Mark Moffatt on stage in Warwick, Qld 1977
(Copyright: Debra Mayes)

PAUL MURPHY held only a semi-permanent position in the early Railroad Gin line up. He had previously been vocalist in the Brisbane band "Thursday's Children" from 1966 to 1970. No word on him since his departure from Railroad Gin though.
DANNY SIMPSON is thought to have headed to Melbourne after the demise of The Carol Lloyd Band to teach drumming and study symphony orchestra percussion.
LAURIE STONE, after his time with Railroad Gin, went on to form a musical partnership with local musician Peter Moscos who had previously been with the successful groups The Sect, Burke & Wills and Chicks Incorporated. Together as Moscos & Stone they recorded a string of singles and two albums. There is also rumoured to be a solo recording by Laurie Stone entitled "Life's A Carnival" done sometime in 1977. It is thought that around this same time he co-produced singles for local acts Moonlight, Jamie Dunn and Chicks Incorporated. In more recent years Stone has stepped out of the performing spotlight to carve a name for himself as a composer of film and television themes & scores with fellow Brisbane musician Garry MacDonald (no relation to the actor Gary McDonald a.k.a. 'Norman Gunston'). Garry who had been musically involved on both Moscos & Stone albums had also worked on two albums for radio identity Russ Tyson. Some of their credits to date include music for tv shows/films such as "Ocean Girl", "The Flying Doctors", "Thunderstone", "The Henderson Kids", "Sahara", "Tales Of The South Seas", "The New Adventures Of Flipper" & "Cybergirl".

Above: Peter Harvey on stage at the Botanical Gardens, Brisbane (Copyright: Debra Mayes)