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JOHN HUNTER has been in touch in 2001 to advise me that he played drums with the band from 1969 to the early 1970's. He quotes other members at the time as being Phil Shields, Dim Jansons, Glen Rickwood and Geoffrey Fitzgibbon. In his own words he says "I left them to go play in a band called "The Wake" and by 1970 was in Melbourne playing in a band called "Ash"  and about a million others after that." John, any chance of a photo for the Hall of Fame?
who joined Railroad Gin late in 1971 teamed up with lyricist Carol Lloyd again to write the melody for the songs "Come Join The Spirit", "Together We'll Show The World", "The Expo Oz Song" and "Together" which were all used in an official capacity to promote Queensland's World Expo '88.
MARK MOFFATT, songwriter and guitarist extraordinare with the Carol Lloyd Band had success in the early 1980's with fellow studio musicians Terry McCarthy and Ricky Fataar. Calling themselves The Monitors they had major hits with "Singing In The 80's", "Nobody Told Me" and "Who Did You Think It Was". Young twins Gail & Gillian Blakeney became childrens tv show hosts after their appearance in the film clip for "Singing In The 80's" and later went on to act in the grand Aussie soapie "Neighbours". Terry McCarthy has to this day continued to carry on his illustrious career as a composer/singer of advertising jingles. After The Monitors there were short spells for Mark with bands such as The New Republic (featuring Stewart D'Arrietta & Ricky Fataar) & Saltbush but it has been his work as an outstanding and prolific record producer that has earned him the most acclaim. His huge portfolio of credits includes albums for The Saints, Richard Clapton, Tim Finn, Renee Geyer, Mondo Rock, Jimmy & The Boys, Jenny Morris and Neil Murray just to name a few. Of late he has been spending time producing albums in Nashville including the latest by fellow Aussie Melinda Schneider being released here on 24th  July, 2000.

Above: Carol Lloyd performs at the Warwick Showgrounds 1977
(Copyright: Debra Mayes)



Singing In The 80's (K-7908)
Nobody Told Me (K-8226)
Having You Around (K-8954)
Who Do You Think It Was

Back From Their Recent
   Illness (Red Records 1982)

Above: Mark Moffatt getting into things on stage with the Carol Lloyd Band (Copyright: Debra Mayes)