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This section attempts to document the career paths of those musicians who have been musically involved with Carol Lloyd over the years

Carol Lloyd photographed during the early days of the Railroad Gin reunion in 1994

Gary Broadhurst

Bob Brown

GARY BROADHURST whose contribution to The Carol Lloyd Band should not be dismissed lightly stepped forward with Peter Harvey to join Carol on stage when she made her comeback in 1991.
BOB BROWN whose percussive talents helped form the backbone of the special Railroad Gin sound was another who could not resist the call when the 1994 reunion of the band was announced. Like Peter Evans he has stayed with the band ever since.
CRAIG CLAXTON formed part of the original band for Carol's 1991 comeback and has recently been playing selected gigs as 'The Mercurys' with fellow guitarist Tony Byrne.

Debbie Doak

Gary Evans

DEBBIE DOAK has been playing drums for probably more years than she cares to remember. In the mid 1980's she was a key member of the all girl band "Women In Uniform" which featured Kathy Kenyon on lead vocals. Debbie took over on drums with Railroad Gin some time after the 1994 reunion.
' (no relation to Peter Evans) had been a member of Railroad Gin for almost two years before he took up the position as their drummer early in 1973. He was known to be managing the band Apprentice Dentists around 1987. He later returned to the stage for the grand Railroad Gin reunion concert in August 1994.