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          Finish her up with the band and send her to Melbourne to do a few years solid work in advertising. While she's there you can arrange for her to negotiate a new solo recording deal that will unfortunately come with 'strings' attached. Strings that include the cropping of the trademark mop of flaming red hair and expensive plastic surgery to straighten the nose that only a witch's mother and a couple of die-hard fans could love.
          Throw in a major hurdle or two when in spite of all the sacrifices the deal goes sour and the solo album as well as the solo career are left to hang in limbo for four long years. During this time though great changes will occur in music trends and all the encouraging reviews in the world will not be enough to open any window of opportunity long enough or wide enough for her to pass through and save this album from obscurity.
          Get her back home to Brisbane as soon as possible and have her write some truly remarkable award winning advertising jingles and campaigns for which she will be promoted to Joint Creative Director with the agency and earn her the honour of being one of only three female creative directors working in Australian advertising at this time. This will be just what she needs to boost her confidence enough to step out into advertising and consultancy work on her own.

Above: Attitude, strength and determination feature strongly in most Carol Lloyd songs. Pieces like "Cards And Letters" are packed with choice lyrics like "Don't expect no shrinking violet attitude from me",
(Copyright: Debra Mayes)

          You can start to let things pick up again from here and have  her co-composition accepted as the official theme song for World Expo '88 to be held on Brisbane's south bank and give her a 40th birthday party she'll never forget in the main concert room of the City Hall no less! Round about now you can give her back the craving to perform again on stage. Help her track down a few old band members and a few new ones and give them a regular weekly gig in a city fringe nightclub. That will keep her happy for a year or so until some kind of chain reaction causes a three year reformation of Railroad Gin commemorated with a highly publicised, strongly attended comeback concert.
          All the while she's going to hold down her day job as marketing manager for a national radio network and begin to long for some drastic changes to occur in every facet of her life. You can let her have the change she desires. It will do her good. Let her wear the long sequined gown and sing show-tunes and torch songs. She will always find an audience. Carol Lloyd is Carol Lloyd and she will always be a STAR!

Above: Carol Lloyd and the hair reportedly insured for $10,000