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"Music is such a love in my life. I really pine for it when I'm away, and yet, again - like a real love when I'm completely involved in it I'm always frustrated by the people and elements that let it down and don't give it the respect it deserves"

. . . Carol Lloyd 1978

          Take one cheeky tomboy born on Oct 17, 1948, the only girl in a family of boys, and allow her to thrive on sports such as Softball, Basketball, Cricket and Football. As soon as she turns 15 give her a job as a secretary in a Brisbane radio station and ask her write advertising copy and jingles on the side. Send her off to London when she's 20 and leave her there for about three years making sure she spends a significant amount of time working as personal assistant to a top TV executive. Get her back to Australia just in time for her path to cross that of Geoffrey Fitzgibbon who just happens to be an advertising man by day and lead vocalist for the Brisbane rock band Railroad Gin by night. Coax her into singing backing vocals with the band for a while and then push her, hook nose, long locks of flaming red hair and all, into the spotlight to take over as lead vocalist when Geoffrey quits the band with little or no warning. Quicken the pace a little. Give the band a lot more work and get them into the recording studio to work on the album that is going to cement their place in Australian rock history.
          Let her enjoy the glory days and allow her to leave the band with memories both good and bad. Introduce her to some incredible studio musicians and have her convince them to join her in 'The Carol Lloyd Band'. Take her back to the recording studio and let her come up with the album that will be released in 17 countries and produce two hit singles. Send her off to tour up and down the east coast of Australia and see that she is recognised and honoured by her peers at every local rock awards ceremony.

Above: Carol Lloyd publicity photo circa 1976


Above: Carol on her way to pick up a swag of trophies at the Qld Pop Awards in 1976