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Impressive sales of upwards of 10,000 copies of the 'A Matter Of Time' album. Open air concerts attracting audiences of 25,000 or more. Railroad Gin will certainly live on forever in the annals of Australian rock history

          Formed in Brisbane in 1969 more as a jazz and blues outfit the band was infamous for it's frequent line-up changes. Demetri (Dim) Jansons and Phil Shields were the only original members to remain with the band for any significant length of time, Dim staying until February 1976 and Phil retaining his position with the group until its demise the following year.
          In the early days the band performed at venues such as "The Open Door", "The Red Orb" and "Quentins", a cellar disco opposite Centenial Park in Wickham Street Brisbane playing material like "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", the Beatles hit "You Can't Do That", and songs by Spooky Tooth, Santana, Albatross and Black Fox.
          Geoffrey Fitzgibbon was the original lead singer with Railroad Gin. By day he was working at the same advertising agency as Carol Lloyd. Legend has it that he heard her around the office humming at about ten octaves above the average person and invited her to try out with the band. For the next few months she appeared on stage as backing vocalist for them every Sunday night at "The Red Orb", most times to an audience of 20 or so. On some of the slower nights they'd kill time with Dylan poetry readings and Carol, it seems, was quite fond getting out front to perform a noteworthy recitation of 'Rindercella'.
          Peter Evans, who was to become one of the stalwarts of the group made his debut when he hopped up on stage one night early in 1971 to play harmonica with the band during a gig at the University. He officially joined the band shortly after. Later, Gary Evans (no relation) joined as replacement drummer for Trevor Fielding.

Above: Carol Lloyd in the early days of Railroad Gin

Above: Carol Lloyd performing solo at the Queens Ball in Brisbane
on June 9, 1991
(Copyright: Debra Mayes)