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The new look Carol Lloyd is unveiled. Surgery has been performed to correct the famous 'hook nose' and the long locks of flaming red hair have been significantly shortened. The plastic surgery took only a few hours but Carol was in plaster for weeks, her head a mass of bruises.

Cat # 103711 (RCA)
released: Feb 16, 1981???
Take It Or Leave It
(Sands / Wusman / Germinaro)
Naked City (Clement Dodd)

"Take It Or Leave It"
Cat # VPLI 6539 (RCA)
released: Feb 23, 1981

Above: Carol Lloyd in Brisbane to launch her solo album

"World Expo '88 - The Songs"
..A musical souvenir of World Expo '88
Cat # EMP 8801 (EMI) - 12" single
released 1988
Side One:
vocals Rick Price)
        (Comp: Carol Lloyd / Frank Millward /
        Peter Blyton)
        (vocals Sir Les Patterson)
        (comp: A. Caswell / J. Stewart)
Side Two:
Together We'll Show The World
        (vocals Julie McKenna)
        (comp: Carol Lloyd / Frank Millward)
I'm Australia
        (vocals Normie Rowe)
        (comp: D. Hogston)

Side One:
Calling The Tune (G. Mortimer)
Take It Or Leave It (Sands / Wusman /
Naked City (Clement Dodd)
Gimme Some Lovin' (Davis / Winwood)
Stand By Me (King / Click)

Side Two:
Tubin' (Kim Carnes)
Hellcat (David Bellamy)
Real Feeling (Paul Carrack)
Rock And Roll Runaway (King)
Dirty Work (Fagan / Becker)